Velvet Vega is a Post-punk/Electro-punk/Darkwave duo from Livorno (IT). The band consists of Chiara Lucarelli (lead vocals, synths) and Francesco Sorgente (guitar, programming). During summer 2018 they entered the studio with Niccolò Mazzantini (Appaloosa) to produce their first full-length album “Collapsing” released via Swiss Dark Nights label. Between 2018 and 2019 they played several italian festivals, sharing the stage with Hante., Qual, Geometric Vision, Bragolin, Agent Side Grinder, Spiritual Front, Shad Shadows and many more.
In 2020 they released “Can’t Control” maxisingle via Swiss Dark Nights which includes two brand new songs and two remixes by The Coventry and Lost Messages.
The second album “We’ll Never Get Back” will be released on 4th December via Swiss Dark Nights.